Belles Angel

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Belles Angel

[Author?s Note: This story was requested by sn Superman. It may not be what he expected, but this is only night one, of three.]

Belle was a beauty. She was also very wild. She would do anything, for anyone no matter how perverse the deed. She drank, she smoked, and she did drugs. Anything to get a thrill. It was the adrenaline that she needed more than anything else. But eventually, she got bored. Not as many things were left undone, and she was not willing to do most of those things. alain lyle porn Even Belle had morals.

Things changed for her one night. She was out on a corner, trying to do what she liked best, but traffic was slow. She flipped her long black hair, flaunted her impressively long legs, and occasionally flashed an oncoming car. It was the flashing that got her some attention. A grey Camry slid to a stop and the tinted window slid down. She leaned over and peered in. What she saw took her breath away.

He was /gorgeous/">gorgeous. A real knockout. She eyed him with hope as he looked her over. ?Get in.? He told her, his voice masculine but musical. She complied, giving him her sexiest smile as she slid in.

She never spoke, nor did he, as he drove her around. Curiousity was welling up inside her, and she was itching to ask where he was taking her. She pushed her hair out of her face, and looked more closely at him. He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye as he drove. A smile twitched at his lips.

?Ask. I know you?re dying to.? He said. The sound of his voice sent a tingle through her body.

?Where are we going?? Belle asked.

He laughed. ?That?s not what you want to know, Belle.?

She started in /surprise/">surprise at the sound of her name. ?Who are you?? She demanded.

?That?s what you wanted to ask.? He stated, without answering her. He pulled into a driveway and cut the engine. ?Come on.?

They walked to the house, and he opened the door for her. She went in, looking around as she slid out of her light jacket. He took it and /hung/">hung it on the rack with his, before leading her into his bedroom. He began to undress, but she stopped him.

?You don?t want to know my rates?? She asked, surprised.

?Ten grand for three days.? The man told her. ?That is what you will be paid.?

She stared at him. ?Look, Mr. I don?t know who you are, and I don?t really care. But that?s a lot of money for a /whore/">whore.?

?Call me Gabriel.? The man told her. ?And for a virgin whore, it is very worth it.?

?Okay, Gabriel, how in God?s name do you know so much about me?? Belle asked, getting a little freaked out.

?I?ll tell you all about it. After we enjoy each other.? Gabriel told her as he continued to undress.

Belle shrugged and shed her clothes. She bent to retrieve a condom from her bag and felt his hands running along her ass. His hand slid along her pussy lips and rubbed her clit. Belle held herself still while he got her wet, then sighed and straightened.

?Like you said, I?m a virgin. You can have my ass. But not my pussy. No one is getting that.? She informed him.

?And why won?t you let anyone have your virginity?? Gabriel asked. ?Do they not offer you enough money??

Belle laughed and wrapped her hand around his cock. ?I?d say ten grand was enough to buy me. No, it isn?t the money.?

He removed her hand from his half erect member. ?Then what??

Belle sighed. ?Even a whore has beliefs.? She informed him.

Gabriel smiled, and her heart thudded wildly in her chest. ?What belief is that??

?I believe in God. Truly I do. I know it sounds stupid, but he?s real. Come judgement day, I know I won?t be let into heaven, but at least I know it?s there.?

?You believe in God, but not your ability to join him. And that is why you do not have sex in the proper sense??

?Yes. Now can we concentrate on your worldly pleasure? I know you didn?t pick me up to talk religion.? Belle murmured.

?How very right you are. But I don?t need a condom. I?m clean, and since you are too, why reduce our pleasure?? Gabriel moved forward and began rubbing her tits, pinching the nipples.

?Pregnancy is still an issue.? Belle pointed out, before moaning.

?I cannot reproduce.? He told her, before taking a nipple into his mouth.

Belle gasped at the jolt of electricity his /mouth/hot-mouth/">hot mouth sent straight to her pussy. She reached down and began stroking him, slowly jacking her lover off. He grunted and arched his back, lifting his mouth from her and pulling away. He sat on the edge of the bed, motioning for her to kneel and suck him off. She complied, hungrily swallowing eight inches of the most delicious meat she had ever tasted. He played with her hair as she took him deep into her throat, turning her head this way and that to make him feel good. She came up for air only briefly before attacking his dick again. She pulled him out of her throat and wrapped her tongue around his shaft, starting at the bottom and sliding her way up. Gabriel moaned as she tongued his head, wrapping her lips around it and sucking hard as she let it pop back out of her mouth.

He pulled her face from his crotch and stood, telling her to lie on the bed. She obeyed, spreading her legs at his touch. He parted her lips with his hands as he licked at her clit. She cried out as he thrust his tongue into her pussy, using his thumb to stimulate her clit. She writhed as he alternated tongue fucking her and sucking on her clit. She had never been treated like this; most men were simply interested in getting off. She came suddenly as he slid a finger in her seeping hole.

He slid up her body and kissed her, letting her taste her juices on his lips. She stiffened and pulled away when she felt his cock probe at her pussy. He lifted his body away and rolled her over, grabbing a pillow and putting it under her hips to put her ass at a better angle for him. He spread her cheeks with one hand as he pushed his cock into her ass with his other. She moaned as he slid deeply into her.

Belle could feel every vein in his cock as he began to slide in and out of her, his hands gripping her hips tightly. She let out little whimpers as he picked up his pace, slamming his dick into her rapidly.

?Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh.? She gasped, and he slapped her ass. ?Oh, yeah.?

Gabriel began whispering in her ear, his words and breath making her that much more aroused. ?You like this, you little whore? You want me to fuck your ass hard??

?Yes!? She moaned, and he slapped her again. She began to run out of breath as he slammed into her, making her gasp each time. Soon she was reduced to sobbing pants as she came again and again, and yet again while he remained as hard as if he had just started. Finally she couldn?t take it anymore, and begged him to cum.

?Gabriel please!? She whimpered.

He smacked her hard one more time and grunted as he spewed cum into her exausted, gaping hole. He collapsed on top of her, panting heavily, before rolling to the side, keeping his dick in her ass all the while. He spooned with her, rubbing indian santali xvideo her nipples and stroking her clit as she began to regain her breath. He kissed the back of her neck as her heart and breath began to slow. He left her body alone and wrapped his arm around her, whispering little nothings to her as she fell asleep, thinking that this was what it was meant to be like.