Bobbys new life

Published March 17, 2024 tag category
Bobbys new life

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Hi my name is Bobby, Roberta for real. I am just 18 years old, short blond hair, 32A bust, flat really, 5"9" tall and slim. If I dress in jeans and wear nondescript clothes without makeup some guys think I am a young boy. I have played on this at times to the best effect but one time it backfired on me, and this is my story based on true events.

I was house sitting for 3 weeks for a couple who had gone off to Asia for an extended holiday and they thought it would be better for someone to stay in the house. The house is small but just enough room for a small family. It is down a little lane and hidden among some trees, just off the road.

The week started off slowly with me just going for walks with their pet Doberman called Jake, the weather was wonderful so I didn't bother wearing a lot of clothes as no one could see me. Jake was missing the family so it mopped around not doing much either. I had a set of videos to watch and the computer to play on. 

After 3 days I got a message on the answer phone saying that his brother from up north was going to be working in the area and would like to stay over for a few days and they hoped that it would be OK with me. I didn't want anyone to interrupt the quiet but company would be nice as well.

The following day a car drove up, stopped outside and an older guy got out. He was balding, slightly over weight, but I suppose not looking. He came up to the door and knocked. I went to the door and opened it and he smiled and said his name was Geoff and he was Dave's brother. I said hello and that my name was Bobby.

He shook my hand and I gestured him in and offered to make him a coffee and showed him to his bedroom. He dumped his things on the bed opened the suitcase and got a change of clothes out and started to strip off and change. I blushed and made an excuse and went to make the coffee. After about 5 minutes he came down in boxer shorts and a tee shirt saying it was so hot and said he hoped I didn't mind. I just nodded and pass him his coffee. At this point I realised with the dungarees, tee shirt and cap he didn't know I was a girl. I thought I would play along with the game.

He was very polite and he said he had to go out in the evening and would be back late. So I eat by myself and went off to bed about 12ish. In the morning I got up and the house was empty, as Geoff had gone off to work. I potted around the garden not doing much and later in the evening Geoff arrived back with 3 friends all about his age. They bought some pizza so we sat around eating and chatting. Once again it seemed they didn't realise I was a girl. Well I hope they didn't as they kept on talking about females they had fucked and which was good at giving head. I made excuse to leave the room on a few occasions. At one stage they put a porno video on and we all sat around watching it. The 4 guys were all rubbing their crotches while watching and making lurid comments.

I said I was going to bed and Brian said no, we are about to play cards. I pressurised me to stay so I did. We played different games for matchsticks. Finally we got onto playing poker. Of course I lost my entire stake quickly. Then the game changed to poker with a difference. The one who had the lowest hand had to take a drink. One again I was the one who seemed to be drinking more than the others. After a few hands it became a game of dare. Tony had to describe when real forced anal against her will he had . Dave had to tell us a secret that no one knows, this was of a sexual matter as well. John had to describe a time when he went with a guy. Geoff told us all a story about having sex with a teenager recently. Then it came around to me and my dare was to describe my first sex act, as I was the youngest by about 30 years. I know I blushed and rushed off.

As I got up my legs seemed to give way, they all laughed and aid that I couldn't hold my drink. Dave picked me up and dropped me on the settee. Geoff came over and started to undo my dungarees and began pulling them off my legs I tried to hang onto them but I lost my grip. They slid down my legs at this point John had my tee shirt up and nearly over my head. Dave standing by watching whistled and said that Geoff was right about Bobby having a pussy and nipples to go with it. I tried to cover up but they just pushed my hands away.

I lay there with just a pair of short socks and a white lacy . I don't know who was the first to touch me but I felt a hand cover my tit. Then a tongue licking my nipple, which was now standing hard and aching. All the hands were on me, pinching, then I felt a hand drift over my stomach, down towards my thong. All of sudden I felt the thong being pulled and then I felt the material give way as it was torn off me. My legs were roughly pulled a part and fingers swim over my slit. I was now dripping and a finger was slipped into my love channel. I was thinking this was not the way I wanted to lose my virginity. 

I found it was Geoff who had his fingers in me as he laughed and said that they had a virgin to fuck tonight. Dave said fuck it lest get on with this I am as hard as steel looking at this body. I was pulled off the settee and positioned onto my knees with my head on the cushion. Geoff said he was going to be first and positioned himself behind me with his fingers exploring my slit. He then made me jump as his fingers found my clit and stroked it making me squirm. John sat on the cushion and lifted my head, I looked and found this enormous cock inches from my face. I had never seen a cock so close, let alone had one in my mouth, let alone so close I could smell it. As Geoff continued to play with my clit I felt his cock head slid up and down my slit, then it was pushing into my pussy. I opened my mouth to scream when I felt a hand on the back of my head and cock head pushing against my lips. I wouldn't open my mouth so he slapped my face with his . Finally I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in making me retch and gag as it hit he back of my throat. 

I couldn't look down but Dave was lying under me and he was sucking my nipples and biting them in turn. Tony was running his hands over me and finally had a finger pushing at my little puckered hole. The finger pushed past the ring and inside me, Geoff lunged forward and his cock tore into my pussy and hitting my cervix, giving me so much pain. At this point John pulled my head back and then back onto his cock burying it down my throat. John dropped a hand under my throat to feel his cock through my skin. 

I could not believe how much they were causing me so much pain. Why they were doing it even, I could stop then fucking me. I xnxxv sunny leone video wanted to lose my virginity to a young guy who was in love with me. Not 4 aging guys with hanging bellies, no hair, but they did have and that did make up for the rest.
The fucking and sucking went on all night and in the early morning. At one point I had 3 guys in me at once, I was lifted onto Geoff who fucked my pussy, Tony had his cock up my arse and Dave buried his cock in my mouth again. John slapped me if he thought I wasn't doing enough. They let me have a shower and sleep but I was woken with one getting in my bed and fucking me. I was so tired that I just lay on my side and they got behind me and slipped their cocks in my and fucked me as one finished another joined me.