My New Buddy Part 3

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
My New Buddy Part 3

It had been awhile since I was with Rod but he told me he had something new in mind for us. Well first I had to get out of the house telling the wife I was working on Rods computer again and when I get to his place I don't see Rod but hear him in the bedroom and it sounds like he's not alone; I'm thinking, damn we got to get rid of whoever he has in there so me and Rod can get it on.

I call out and he says he's in the bedroom and come on in. I'm thinking he's showing whover his car collection on his shelves but when I get in there he's got our neighbor, John, this old dude that lives a couple doors down, on the chair telling him to just sit back and watch...I walk in and think, I don't think so, if what I'm thinking is going to happen. Rod tells me that he wants another guy to watch us and John said he would be interested and discreet.

Rod comes over to me and hugs me and I can feel he's already hard. which makes me hard. I unzip Rod as he unzips me and our pants fall around our ankles. We're working the underpants down and our /butts/">butts are exposed and now John can see my ass. He goes WOW, and starts rubbing his crotch. John said, man you guys aren't kidding about this and we said no, we're serious about it all of it... I'm getting excited now and Rod kisses me and I kiss back mashing our hard cocks.

We rotate so I can show John Rods ass as I finger his crack and smell and lick my fingers after I traced it inside Rod's /dirty/dirty-ass/">dirty ass, just the way I liked it. John saw that and said, Oh wow... By now John had pulled out his cock and was jacking off and I got to tell you it was hot to watch him. I never even knew this guy well and here he was jacking off in front of his neighbors as they made out.

Never though a bald old man could look hot jacking off but he did... Rod whispered to me, go suck on Johns cock. So reluctantly I did...I got on my knees and worked Johns underpants down and saw they had light skid marks in them...mmmmmm maybe this will be allright afterall...I put his cock in my mouth and it's not big at all but it grows fast wwwxxx as I suck on it...I told him to open his legs and he says, no thats okay you don't have to do that...I told him I want to so open them and don't be he does and Rod Helps John raise his legs and tells John, he's going to give you the rim job I was telling you about...Johns legs are up exposing his anus and I drive my tongue in his ass, he's got the right smells working and it makes me harder even more...he's digging it, and so am I, and then the wwwxxx Rod asks John to suck his cock and John turned his head and took Rods cock in his us my ass!

I'm thinking, he wanted in from the word go! Rods pumping his cock in Johns mouth as I finger John ass and taste and clean him good. John's into cock sucking bigtime, I can see precum oozing down his chin, some...he's cock his /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard as he whacks it good and he's got precum drooling down the shaft, so I lick it up...then I thought I'll try fucking John, seeing how /bad/">bad he wanted to get into all this, so I line up my cock at his butthole and slide it in his meaty ass...he says, Oh My! fuck me real, good as he continues sucking Rods dick. Rods watching all this saying, this is so hot, man...

It feels so good but I know I'm going to cum and so his Rod and I ask John as he wanks his own cock if he's ready to shoot and he's like, Oh yes I gotta cum! So we all time our orgasms best we could and I shot a huge load up Johns ass and then Rod came and the finally Johns cock spewed a nice load all over his belly. We all were exausted and I climbed on Johns lap and kissed his mouth with Rods cum all over it and he kissed back and he shuddered more and Rod gave me his cum covered cock so I could lick it.

John said, that was unbelievable and intense and asked how long had this been going on between us and I said we just got started this year and John said I hope you guys include me in more of this. I said the more the merrier...and so we did continue our romps and there are more stories to tell and I'll be back to tell you more if you want.