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Tehanee awoke to the sound of birds singing in the garden,  early next morning and looking around she saw her lord and /master/">master , Trevor, fast asleep on the other side of the bed. Seeing that she had slept naked the previous night,  she got up from the bed and collected her blue pareu which was lying on the floor beside the bed ,  and wrapped it around her body.

Then walking to the door she quietly opened it and putting her head out looked around to see if anyone was around. As there was no one ,  she slipped out the door and after shutting it tiptoed to her room across the sitting room,  and after entering it closed the door behind her. She went straight into the toilet and sitting on the commode she did a long pee,  and thereafter used the bidet to wash her cunt and vagina with a sharp jet of cool water from the hand shower. When she had finished she stood up and vigorously wiped the washed area with a hand towel and put it back on the rack. Then realizing that she should wash her mouth after last night's swallowing of Master Tyrone's cum,  filing a glass that had been placed on a rack above the wash basin, with cool water she took a few gulps into her mouth,  and rinsed her mouth and spat out the water in to the toilet bowl.

After repeating this three times,  she replaced the glass, and from the the cabinet on the wall,  she took out a tooth brush and a tube of toothpaste from which squeezed green colored toothpaste out onto the brush,  as instructed by her master,  and began brushing her teeth,  which she did thoroughly . After a few minutes she washed her mouth with water from the tap,  and spat out the contents thereof again into the toilet bowl. Then she filled the wash basin with a mixture of hot and cold water,  and washed her face therein using the face wash to cleanse her face. Then she stood under the shower and having doused water all over her body, she rubbed the shower gel that had been provided, over her breats body,  pubes between her legs and ass in her vagina and her /asshole/">asshole. and washed it away with more jets of water. She also cleansed her legs and /feet/">feet with the same gel and washed it off thereafter.

Having finished her ablutions she walked naked into her bed room,  and after turning her body round and round admiring herself in the three part mirror,  she wiped herself dry with a towel from the toilet rack and sprayed another kind of perfume that was available on the table top generously over her body,  and then applied the scented powder all over her body.  She was now smelling nice,  after applying a little red lipstick this time,  oover her luscious lips,  she combed her hair and let it hang loose. She next selected a bright red floral pareu from among her clothes,  and wrapped it around her body, so as to highlight the curves on it. Then she stepped out of her room,  and went towards Trevor's room, only to be intercepted by Tonga to inform her that he was in the shower,  and would join her in the verandah shortly. She turned and went back into the verandah where she sat herself down on a chair to await her master's arrival. Within a few minutes Trevor came onto the verandah all dressed like a typical planter in a khaki shirt and shorts and knee high boots. He came upto her and kissed her good morning sucking on her tongue to savour her morning freshness.

Then putting his arm around her he led to the breakfast where a typical /english/">english breakfast of bacon and eggs,  with toast and marmalade,  was laid out for the couple .  There was also a pot of hot tea together with a jug of fresh milk, and a bowl of sugar along with two dainty porcelain cups laid on a tray on one side of the table. Two glasses of cool fruit juice were also placed alongside their plates. After partaking of this filling breakfast, the couple went hand in hand to the bedroom and once again kissed deeply and lovingly . At this point,  Trevor placed his hands on Tehanee's ass and told her lovingly that he will be visiting that area later in afternoon. Though the innocent village girl could not comprehend what he said to her,  she knew that it was going to be another sex exercise that he was talking of. So after instructing Tonga to look after Tehanee carefully till he returned for lunch that afternoon he climbed onto his trusted Motor Bike, and after waving goodbye to Tehanee,  sped down the hill and disappeared from sight .  Tehanee went back into her bedroom,  and lay down on it only to fall asleep a few minutes later.

When she woke up rested,  it was already high noon,  and Trevor had not yet returned, but to her relief,  when she heard the put-put of his motor bike a few minutes later,  she went out to the verandah to meet him. The pair embraced and kissed passionately and went arm in arm towards the dining table where as usual, Tonga,  had laid out a delicious lunch where the main dish was boiled breadfruit,  the staple diet of the islanders. After lunch,  Trevor led the girl back into the bedroom,  but not before whispering something to Tonga, who took off towards the village in a jiffy. They were stil lying in bed kissing and fondling each other,  when about 20 minutes later Tehanee heard her Grandma shouting out.

"Tehanee where are you?" The girl was pleasantly surprised and ran towards the main door,  to find her Grandma, standing there with two bottles containing brownish liquids in her hand. She hugged and kissed the old lady,  and asked milf porn videos her "Grandma,  what are you doing here?". To which she replied saying "I came because your Master sent for me to help him do something. ". When Tehanee asked her what the thing she had to was, Grandma said, "You'll see ,  girl ,  you'll see". Then Grandma asked Tehanee in the native tongue,  "Did you do a shit today?". To which the girl blushingly replied, "No, not yet".  Grandma then said " We will start this job from there,  so now you go into your room,  remove your pareu and lie on the bed face downwards,  I will come there soon".

After the girl had gone into her room, , Grandma turned to Trevor and told him, Master,  to do what you are going to do,  the passage must be clear,  and the opening widened, Tehanee's grandfather always told me"Go take a shit,  before he did it to me,  when I finally got up the nerve,  why he always said this,  the reasons he gave are what I just told you". At this Trevor told the old lady,  " I also have a stock of Glycerine suppositories in my fridge which can used for this same purpose " To which she said "But I use the wild boar's testicle juice for this purpose,  and it is very quick,  just you wait and see",  and waddled off with her bottles of medicine into Tehanee 's bedroom. There she found Tehanee sleeping naked and face downwards on the bed. " Spread your legs,  kneel,  raise you back,  and lean forward on the bed. Don't move when I put this juice into your backhole, It is too precious to be spilt.

"Then spread her little pink asshole with her forefinger and thumb,  and placing the bottle on the open hole,  upended it while gently pushing it inwards. In a second or two about a couple of teaspoons had entered her rectum, but the girl stayed motionless as her Grandma had told her. "Now turn around and lie flat on your back" said Grandma, and thereafter she massaged the girl's lower abdomen vigorously for a minute or so. Soon after,  Tehanee told her Grandma "Now I want to do a shit" and running to her bathroom sat on the commode and did what she felt was a good bog.

Then having washed and soaped her anus and the surrounding area on the bidet ,  she came back to the bedroom where Grandma was seated on the bed. After drying her ass and cunt with a towel,  Grandma told her to get back into the same position the that she had taken when when she inserted the boar's testicle juice into her ass, and after she assumed this pose,  she told the girl" Your grandfather used to rub this into my asshole whenever he did it to me,  and his long /cock/big-cock/">big cock slid easily into my ass,  without much effort. ". So saying she rubbed the oil in and around the girl's asshole and stretched the opening as much as she could with her thumb and forefinger.

Seeing the girl's hairless cunt,  she smiled and said "So your master shaved you,  did he?,  I knew he would do it" So saying she wrapped the girl's pareu loosely round her body and led to the Master's bedroom where he was impatiently waiting for the girl. Grandma who entered the room first gave him the bottle of boar's oil and aked him to rub it generously on the full length of his cock,  and told the girl to lie down on the bed in the same kneeling position with her ass up in the air propped up with two pillows and legs spread wide open. Everything was now ready,  and Grandma told Trevor "Do it now anD once you are inside her ass put you hand in between her legs and,  keep massaging her clitoris .

She will have an orgasm along with you. " So saying she went out of the room and stood outside the door. Trevor did not even bother to shut the door , and he came to the bed where Tehanee was waiting crouched with her back up in the air,  and after positioning himself at the entrance to Tehanee's rectum drove his oil drenched cock right into Tehanee's oil moistened and open asshole. "Grandma ,  it hurts" yelled the girl to which the old lady reassuringly told her from outside the door, "Bear it up my little dove,  he is your lord and master and you have to do as he says. "Trevor in the meanwhile kept plunging his cock deep inside her rectum,  blowjob porn videos while at the same time massaging her clitoris. In a short while, her whimpers of pain faded away and she began pushing her body backwards so as to accommodate more of the cock that was in her ass. She was also getting wet and keening and shuddering with pleasure, and as Trevor kept on massaging her clitoris,  she orgasmed and fell flat on the bed just as her Grandma had foretold.

Trevor quickened his trokes and shot his load of cum deep into her rectum ,  and pulled his cock when it became flaccid soon after. Looking at her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole from which cum was dripping onto the pillows that supported her ass,  he saw a ring of red blood around the hole. Alarmed he called in Grandma to look at it and she knowingly told him that this always happens the /first-time/">first time,  but will not happen in their future. She also rubbed more of the oil arounded the wounded anus, and after giving Trevor the bottle of boar's oil for future use,  she said "My work is done, I must be going " and after giving the /girl/sleeping-girl/">sleeping girl a kiss on her sweat moistened brow,  she waddled away out of the door and back to her village leaving the couple to spend the rest of their lives happily together.